Does a headache mean your period is coming?

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Does a headache mean your period is coming?

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Yes a headache can mean that your period is coming.

When you're on your period and menstruating your estrogen levels can drop and cause a headache as well as fainting spells, dizziness etc.

This is all normal and usually nothing to worry about.

Periods and menstruating can cause you to experience headaches and dizziness and it's normal and usually nothing to worry about unless the headache and dizziness gets worse or does not go away.

Also periods and menstruating can sometimes make you faint.

It's normal to faint sometimes when on your period as well as have a headache known as a menstrual migraine.

It's very normal to experience migraines while on your period and menstruating as your hormones are changing.

The headache during a menstruating cycle is known as a menstrual migraine and is normal  and usually goes away on it's own but you can apply a cool compress to your forehead or take some aspirin to help with the migraine and headache when menstruating.

Most menstrual migraines start before a period begins and last until the third day of menses.

When you have menstrual migraines or period headaches you can help relieve the pain of the menstrual migraine by taking some pain reliever such as Aleve or Aspirin.

When I have a menstrual migraine I take some Aspirin and within a few hours of taking the Aspirin the migraine typically goes away.

If you wait it out it can take a week or two weeks for the menstrual migraine to fully go away.

But taking the aspirin can help relieve the headache much faster.

If the menstrual headache does not go away within a week or so or gets worse then see a doctor about it.

However most menstrual headaches as well as other headaches are just painful and nothing to worry about.

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