How do you soothe veet Burns?

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How do you soothe veet Burns?

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The best way to soothe a Veet burn is to apply some hydrocortisone cream to the veet burn and also some Neosporin.

You can apply a cool compress or cover the Veet burn in Neosporin and then bandage it or wrap with gauze.

The cool compress when applied to the Veet burn can help soothe the burn and also help get rid of the stinging.

The Veet burn should heal within a few days to a week or two weeks.

When you leave Veet on your skin too long the Veet can cause chemical burns.

Leaving Veet on too long can and has caused red, raw burned skin because the chemicals used in the Veet are really strong.

You only want to leave the Veet on your skin long enough as directed for the product to work and then after you get done using Veet make sure to wash your skin off with soap and water.

If you don't wash the Veet off your skin then you may get the chemical burn which has happened to me.

The Veet product is pretty safe and approved for your skin when used correctly the Veet should cause no harm to your skin unless you're allergic to the chemicals.

After I got the chemical burn I made sure to wash off the Veet fully from my skin with soap and water and doing that I have not gotten any more chemical burns.

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