How do you get a child to go to school who refuses?

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How do you get a child to go to school who refuses?

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To get a child to go to school who refuses to go to school you should first ask the child why he or she is refusing to go to school.

The child could be getting bullied, picked on or just may hate going to school all together.

If the child is not being bulled or picked on and just refuses then you have to literally force them to go to school.

My own dad had to drag my little 7 year old butt to school and yes he did have to pick me up, drag me screaming and fighting.

I remember him doing that and he even spanked me right in front of my class mates.

I was even holding onto the car door and school door and he had to pry my hands away.

Also maybe try remote learning which is being done a lot now through computers especially with the Covid virus we have going on now.

My own kids are gonna be doing remote learning now again after Thanksgiving break and the school provides the Laptop Computers for them to do so.

When a child refuses to go to school you should first sit them down and talk to them calmly about it.

Ask the child why they are refusing to go to school and see if there's something going wrong in school that is making the child refuse to attend school.

Maybe the child is being bullied, made fun of or is having a hard time learning.

Ask the child if they are being bullied and find out why they are not wanting to go to school.

If it's just because they don't want to go to school then you have to literally drag them to school or wait a day and then say okay you can stay home but the next day you have to go to school.

You have to make it so the child is not having any fun at home and make it really boring for the child to stay at home.

Make the child do chores, stay in their room and make them stay inside the house all day.

When my kid refused to go to school I made him stay home and stay inside the house without watching TV, using the computer and didn't allow him to play with any toys.

I made it boring for him and so he decided to go to school the next day.

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