Can nightmares be a sign of illness?

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Can nightmares be a sign of illness?

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Nightmares can be a sign of illness such as mental illness or even depression.

Depression and Mental illnesses have been linked to nightmares and bad dreams.

Nightmares can also happen when you have other illnesses such as heart disease or cancer but not all nightmares are a sign of illness.

When you have a bad dream about someone it usually means that you are worried about the person or you could have some unsettled issues with that person.

Also having a bad dream about someone such as them dying or them getting injured could be a way of telling you that something bad is about to happen to that person.

That has happened to me before.

I had a bad dream about a friend that I had not visited in awhile and so I decided to visit with him and about a month later he died in a tragic car accident.

So the bad dream was telling me that he was gonna die and that I should go see him and spend some time with him one last time.

Bad dreams can sometimes mean something is gonna happen either bad or good.

Not all bad dreams come true but there's the possibility of something bad happening if you do dream something bad.

I've personally had some of my bad dreams come true so it can happen.

Some bad dreams can be a sign of something bad happening.

You could dream something bad and it actually does happen.

But not all bad dreams will come true but it's possible.

Bad dreams effect around 2 to 3 percent of people and prevent them from sleeping properly at night.

Bad dreams or nightmares can also be an indicator of mental health problems, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
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Nightmares can sometimes be a sign of illness but not always.

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