Why do some adults pinch kids cheeks?

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asked Nov 15, 2020 in Family by Wjendyfromhol (5,390 points)
Why do some adults pinch kids cheeks?

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answered Nov 15, 2020 by Minty (132,850 points)
Some adults like to pinch a child's cheeks because they think the child is so cute.

My own Grandma used to do that to me and I hated it as a toddler and I remember one day when I was 3 years old and she pinched my cheeks.

I turned around and slapped her in the face and left a red mark.

She stopped pinching my cheeks after that.

My own son hates cheek pinching as well and he's 2 years old and there was this nice old lady who came down the aisle and was saying how cute my son was.

He was not liking it and she asked if she could pinch his cheeks and I said only if he approves.

So she went to pinch his cheeks and he slapped her too.

I thought it was so funny and she was so embarrassed and walked away.

I was laughing my ass off.

Cheek Pinching should be stopped as not every toddler or child likes it or likes to be bothered by people saying how cute they are.

Just leave them alone please.

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