Have you ever worn diapers in Elementary School?

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asked Nov 14, 2020 in Grade Schooler by dontmolestthebears (810 points)
Have you ever worn diapers in Elementary School?

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answered Nov 14, 2020 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
When I was in Preschool I wore diapers all the time in preschool because I was not potty trained at the time.

I also was put into a diaper by the school nurse when I was 6 years old because I had wet my pants.

It was school policy back then at my school that if a child wet his or her pants that they had to wear a diaper the rest of the day.

Also we had to wear a diaper in school for at least a week until we could keep our diapers dry.

I love diapers and loved to wear them in school so I would wet my pants on purpose so that I had to wear diapers in Kindergarten, First Grade and even when I was 8 years old.

I never let them or my parents know I loved the diapers but in reality I did.

Back in those days we had the thick plastic backed pampers diapers which were nice and thick, crinkly and felt so good.

I loved wearing those diapers.

I still wear diapers full time now as an adult and no longer use the toilet.
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answered Nov 14, 2020 by 123devon (8,950 points)
I have never had to wear diapers to Elementary School.

However my 8 year old son was wetting his pants and has to wear diapers for awhile as a health rule and so he's going to school wearing Gentle Steps Size 7 diapers.

They are mostly plain white and they fit him easily.

He wears the diapers for bed wetting anyway so it's not an issue to get him to wear them during the day at school.

I just have him use the diaper instead of having to go to the toilet as he's very shy and does not like asking the teacher to use the restroom.

He's also been bullied in school restrooms so he just uses the diapers for now and the nurse changes his diaper for him in private.

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