Do you really win money on Jeopardy?

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Do you really win money on Jeopardy?

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answered Nov 9, 2020 by Manuela (3,890 points)
Yes you do really win money on Jeopardy or other game shows.

However when you do win that money you do have to pay what is known as a gift tax so you really don't win as much money as you thought.

I had a friend who was on a game show and won $2,000.00 cash and she was then reported to the IRS who then made her pay $800.00 in gift tax for the winnings.

So just be prepared to pay gift tax if your state has taxes.

The way game shows have the money to pay the contestants is through advertising revenue as they are very profitable and is how game show hosts make so much money themselves.

Alex Trebek did live with his mother but in his own home.

Alex Trebek did not live in his mothers house nor was he mooching off of her.

At least this is what I remember a few years or so ago.

I believe I heard Alex Trebek say on some Talk Show or something that he did Live with His mother to help care for her.

But he lived in his own house but his mother actually lived with him.

There's nothing wrong with family living together in the same house no matter what the age.

Sadly Alex Trebek died yesterday on November 8th 2020 at his home and was 80 years old.

Alex Trebek died of Pancreatic Cancer which he had been diagnosed with a few years ago.
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Yes, its really work metody!
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