Are phones bad for your eyesight?

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Are phones bad for your eyesight?

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Yes phone screens such as smartphone screens can be bad for your eyesight and especially if you use the smartphone in the dark.

There's a condition known as smartphone blindness which occurs when you use your smartphone in the dark.

The condition is only temporary though and your eyesight should return to normal within a few hour or so.

Smartphones can cause temporary blindness when using the smartphones in the dark.

To prevent smartphone blindness the smartphone should only be used when you have lights on in the house or car etc.

Smartphone Blindness is a condition in which you become temporarily blinded by the smartphones screen when viewing it in dark conditions.

Smartphone blindness is temporary but refers to temporary monocular vision loss which is associated with smartphone usage while lying down in the dark.

The symptoms of smartphone blindness is usually contralateral to the side on which you were lying down.

Your vision should naturally restore on it's own within a few hours or so after your eyes get adjusted to the light again.

Using your smartphone in the dark is not good for your eyes so you should use the smartphone only when you have some lighting so that the smartphone does not cause blindness.

If you still have trouble seeing after a few days of getting smartphone blindness you should see an eye doctor and get an eye exam.

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