Why are teens so dumb and stupid?

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asked Nov 8, 2020 in Adolescent by Kjbeenyd (560 points)
Why are teens so dumb and stupid?

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The reason teens are so dumb and stupid is they are young, their minds are not developed completely and they are still learning.

Teens are also immature and will remain immature until they turn 18 to 21 years old.

However that is the case for most teens who are young, dumb and stupid but not all teens are dumb or stupid and some teens are more mature than other teens.

I've been around teens that would do dumb stuff and other teens who did stuff that wasn't dumb and they would think clearly.

Also some teens think it's just the cool or in thing to do something because other teens do it too.

An example of that is a few teens who live down the street from and they would try making fun of me by barking at me.

I turned around and got out of my truck and walked up to them and said to them.

So you're a dog?

Come on bark for me? Bark For me? I'll get your bone and you can go fetch it.

They were so embarrassed and didn't know what to say and ran back into the house and I never had anymore trouble from them.

They'll eventually get over it and grow out of what they are doing.

It takes a lot to bother me now more than it used too.

I never made fun of anyone or did terrible things just because I was a teen.

I was a mature teenager and would never hang out with teenagers doing stupid crap.

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