Should kids get a flu vaccine?

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Should kids get a flu vaccine?

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Yes kids should get a flu vaccine at least once yearly before the onset of the flu virus season.

Children 6 months and older should always have a flu vaccine at least once yearly which can help protect them from getting the flu and if they do get the flu the kids bodies can fight off the virus much more easily than they could without the flu vaccine.

Babies and older people are more at a risk for death from the flu virus than young adults and kids are so it's best to make sure they get protected from the flu virus.

It is possible to never get the flu virus as long as your immune system is healthy and you've built up an immunity to the flu virus.

Some people do eventually build up an immunity to the flu virus and never get it after being infected with the flu virus a few times.

Getting the flu vaccine is another way to possibly prevent you from getting the flu virus as well as it helps your body fight off the infection if it does infect you.

Getting the flu vaccine does help prevent the flu virus from infecting you.

If you get the flu vaccine soon enough then you may never get the flu in the first place and if you do possibly get the flu then having the flu vaccine can help you recover quicker and make you not feel as sick.

The flu vaccine is a good way to protect both yourself as well as other people around you.

I've gotten the flu vaccine and most times I never get the flu and in the rare times I did get the flu virus a few times I recovered from the flu much quicker.

So it's worth it to get the flu vaccine so that you don't get sick or not as severely sick with the flu and it reduces your risk of developing more other serious health issues from the flu.

The flu vaccine also reduces your risk of hospitalization as well.

I highly recommend getting the flu virus to prevent the spread of the flu and possibly prevent yourself from getting the flu.

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