Are abena m4s good diapers?

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asked Nov 6, 2020 in Incontinence by loriases (940 points)
Are abena m4s good diapers?

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answered Nov 6, 2020 by Pamperslover (23,340 points)
Yes abena m4s diapers are good adult diapers.

The abena m4 diapers are a great thick plastic backed diaper that can hold a lot of pee.

I sometimes wear the abena m4 diapers and they work really great and are nice and thick and crinkly to me.

I like a thick adult diaper and the higher capacity diaper the better as I can wet the diaper without it leaking.

I can go all day in an abena m4 adult diaper without needing to change and they can take a flood of pee really good as well.

Some other thinner adult diapers may not hold up to flooding of urine when needing to pee.

Some people will just pee a little bit at a time in their diaper and some will hold it in and flood the diaper.

If you like to flood your adult diaper with pee then abena m4s diapers are good for that.

Abuniverse Super Dry Kids diapers or other ABU diapers are good for that as well.

Attends is another good cheaper brand of adult diaper but the thicker abena m4 diapers are great and hold up good.

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