What is the fattest country?

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What is the fattest country?

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The fattest country in the world is considered to be Nauru.

Nauru is considered to be the fattest country in the world because according to statistics 61 percent of Nauru's Population is obese and has a BMI or Body Mass Index of 30.

The USA is another fat country because a lot of people in the USA are obese whether through their own choosing or because of health issues.

Not everyone who is really obese done it to themselves although some people have.

I've known some people who weighed in around 300 lbs and could not move but kept on eating and didn't care and one of those was a friend of mine that was only 40 years old when he died of a heart attack.

He kept saying he didn't want to lose weight and wanted to eat.

Well he eventually had a heart attack and they had to actually cut a hole in the wall to remove him with a forklift when he died in his bedroom.

He weighed around 500 lbs and was severely obese.

He couldn't even fit through his door it was so sad.

He wasn't that fat when he went into his room but he became depressed and would barely leave his room and just get getting fatter until he could not fit through the door.

He was in that room for 10 years straight without coming out and was wearing those big adult diapers to pee and poop because he could not move.

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