How can I hide my kitchen trash can?

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How can I hide my kitchen trash can?

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To hide your kitchen trash can you can put the trash can under your kitchen cabinet.

You can install a sliding trash can that slides into your kitchen counter and then it slides out when you need it.

I have a trash can that works that way and it keeps the trash can out of view until I need to use it.

When I need to use the trash can to throw trash in I just slide the trash can out and then slide it back in.

That way there's no trash can in sight and the kitchen looks much better.

You can also buy nicer looking trash cans and even build a counter around the trash can or build an extra counter and cabinet that you can lift the top of the counter up and have access to the trash can.

Or you can have a cabinet door that opens to access the trash can.

You can also hang a small trash can on the inside of a cabinet door and then just open the cabinet door when you need to access the trash can.
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Kitchens come in very different sizes. This is a very important factor for the correct distribution of small items. My advice is to contact a designer and make an individual project taking into account your home’s features.
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 I have two locations for the trash can - the kitchen and the backyard. I like to cook and I do it every day. Instead of relying on my own taste, I asked Kitchen Cabinet Makers Near Me in Point Cook ( FitMyHouse) for advice. I didn't want food waste to accumulate and installed a small trash container built into the bottom cabinet. They also recommended a food waste disposer for the sink. Anything that accumulates beyond this goes into a street trash container.

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