How many amps will 10 2 wire carry?

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How many amps will 10 2 wire carry?

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A 10-2 AWG wire can carry up to 30 amps of electricity.

When you install a 10-2 wire it can handle 50 amps but only for a short time such as on startup.

However if you have something is gonna pull 50 amps on startup you likely need a 50 amp circuit breaker and should use the 8 AWG wire size.

Copper also carries more amperage than aluminum does and smaller copper wire can safely carry more amps than larger aluminum wire.

10-2 AWG Copper wire is rated for 30 Amps in most installations.

50 Amps calls for 6 AWG Copper wire or 8 AWG high temperature cable.

12-2 copper wire carries up to 20 amps on 120 volts but you can also use 12-2 wire to run 220 volt circuits which means that 12-2 copper wire can then carry the 30 amps just fine.

I have 12-2 copper wire on my electric water heater.

I was concerned but it has been fine and never has the wire heated up.

I consulted with an electrician about it and he said that it was not recommended to install 12-2 wire on the water heater but it is safe to do so.

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