How common is Laryngomalacia in babies?

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How common is Laryngomalacia in babies?

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The condition Laryngomalacia in babies is pretty common but not as common as other birth defects.

Laryngomalacia in babies effects about 1 out of 2100 babies that are born so it's a low chance that your baby is born with Laryngomalacia.

Laryngomalacia is a birth defect of the child's or babies Larynx which is also known as the voice box.

The meaning of Laryngomalacia is soft larynx and it can make the babies and child's breathing sound weird and may make the child or baby have trouble breathing normally.

Laryngomalacia does usually go away by the time the child reaches 12 months of age and resolves by 18-24 months of age.

Not all cases of Laryngomalacia need surgery or medical treatment but sometimes it can get worse and cause trouble breathing and in rare cases death.

But the good news is that most cases of Laryngomalacia do resolve and go away on their own.

Most cases of Laryngomalacia are not life threatening.

However in rare cases the Laryngomalacia can lead to difficulty breathing or not being able to breathe at all.

If you or someone who has Laryngomalacia is experiencing difficulty breathing then call 911 and get medical help because there have been a few people and kids and even babies that have died from Laryngomalacia causing difficulty breathing.

The Laryngomalacia means soft larynx which causes noisy breathing especially in infants.

Most children who are born with Laryngomalacia outgrow the Laryngomalacia condition but some kids may require surgery to correct it.

If the child does not outgrow the Laryngomalacia then surgery is needed to prevent possible death from difficulty breathing.

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