Can a hot shower raise blood pressure?

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Can a hot shower raise blood pressure?

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For some people taking a hot shower can raise their blood pressure.

If you suffer from high blood pressure then you should avoid taking showers or baths that are too hot and avoid being in the hot shower or bath too long.

Then again for some people taking a hot shower or hot bath can lower their blood pressure.

For me when i take a hot shower or a hot bath my blood pressure drops just a little but then returns to normal once I get out of the shower and have been out of the shower for a few minutes.

Hot baths are also okay for people that are overall healthy but they can too reduce your blood flow so you have to be careful if you have suffered from heart disease have low blood pressure etc.

As long as you do not have any heart disease, or have had a heart attack, stroke etc before and you're healthy overall then the hot bath should not be bad for your health or heart.

If you have low blood pressure then just be aware that soaking in a hot bath could lower your blood pressure more.

When I take a hot bath my blood pressure drops a little which is okay as I don't suffer from low blood pressure.

The hot bath helps me relax and reduce stress and anxiety so it's a good thing for me.

Hot baths are good for relieving stress and anxiety.

When you're suffering from anxiety and stress just simply taking a nice hot bath can lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress and anxiety and relax you.

Taking a warm or hot bath helps to increase your blood flow which can help lower your blood pressure and help improve your heart health as well.

The hot bath can also relax your muscles, reduce stress levels and ease tension and relieve back pain.

Taking a nice hot bath does help to relax your muscles.

Heat is good for relaxing muscles and when you take a nice hot bath that same heat can help relieve the tension in your muscles.

When my muscles are tense and need relaxed I'll soak in a nice hot bubble bath and within a few minutes I notice the tension going away and the muscles relaxing.

Hot baths are good for muscle recovery.

The hot water in the bath can help relax your muscles and relieve any muscle tension and hot baths also help with back pain as well.

When my muscles are tense I take a nice hot bath and my muscles become less tense and they feel much better.

If you're just taking a bath to relax then it's best to take a shower first so that you don't sit in all the grime and dirt that comes off your body.

However if you want too you can take a bath and then shower off afterwards.

But if you're just wanting to get clean it's better to just take a shower and not a bath as bathing is not the best way to get clean.

A shower washes the grime and dirt off of you and sends it down the drain but a bath keeps the grime on you as you're sitting in dirty water.

Baths can be unhealthy because when you take a bath all you're doing is washing off the dirt and grime from your body and just sitting in the filth.

However a bath is better than not getting any shower at all.

If I want to take a bath to soak my body in I prefer to take a shower first to wash off any filth and then just soak in a nice warm bath.

If possible the elderly person should bathe every few days.

However if the elderly person is not able to bathe themselves or not able to walk etc then they should bathe at least twice per week.

Even a good sponge bath is better than not bath at all.

If they go longer without bathing then they could have skin breakdowns and infections.

It's okay to not shower for a few days but any longer than that then you can get smelly and it's not good for your health to now shower for longer than a few days.

There's some days I can go a weekend without showering or bathing when I just don't feel like it and I'm not that dirty.

But most days I do shower everyday of the week or I feel terrible and I also have to go to work so I need to shower.

As long as your showering every few days you're doing good.

It's okay to skip a shower for a few days but any longer than that is not good for your health hygiene wise.

Even if you don't smell yourself other people may notice you smelling bad.

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