Is throwing up bile bad?

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Is throwing up bile bad?

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Throwing up bile can sometimes be bad but not always.

It can be normal to throw up bile especially when you're vomiting because of a stomach ache, flu, food poisoning etc.

It can be normal and not a cause for concern when you throw up bile.

However in some cases throwing up bile may be a cause for concern and you should see a doctor or go to the emergency room if you continue throwing up bile.

Bile is the fluid that is created by the liver and stored in your gallbladder and when your stomach is empty and you vomit then you may throw up bile.

If you're dehydrated and throwing up bile then that is bad and you should seek medical attention or if you're not sick with a stomach flu or stomach ache and suddenly start throwing up bile then seek medical attention to be safe.

The reason vomit stinks is because vomit contains bile and stomach acids.

When you vomit that bile and stomach acid is mixed in with the vomit and vomit also contains other bacteria that makes it stink as well.

But the main cause of the stinking vomit is the bile along with the stomach acid.

The bile is what helps your body digest fatty foods but when that bile gets mixed with the vomit and stomach acid it makes the vomit stink.

Vomit also tastes bad because of the bile, stomach acid and the bacteria.

When you puke or vomit the bile comes up along with the half-digested food.

It's normal for vomit to stink and normal for bile to come up with the vomit and eventually the taste in your mouth from the vomit will go away.

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