Is Tungsten stronger than steel?

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Is Tungsten stronger than steel?

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Tungsten is quite a bit stronger than steel is.

When it comes to the strength of Tungsten the Tungsten is 5 times harder than steel, 10 times harder than 18 K gold and Tungsten is also 4 times harder than Titanium.

The melting point of Tungsten is 6,192 F degrees.

The high melting point of Tungsten makes it an ideal metal to use in making heating elements for stoves, water heaters, electric space heaters etc.

If other metals were used in heating elements they would melt quickly like copper or aluminum would melt if it were shorted out and heated up to the temperature that Tungsten is.

That is how an electric heating element works.

It's basically a wire that shorts out in a controlled short and then heats up but does not melt because the temperature does not get high enough for it to happen.

Tungsten is a steel but stronger than regular steel is.

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