Can you inhale food into your lungs?

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Can you inhale food into your lungs?

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Yes you can inhale food into your lungs.

When you inhale food into your lungs it's called Pulmonary aspiration.

The Pulmonary aspiration is where you inhale food into your lungs and also you might inhale stomach acid and saliva into your lungs that can lead to Pulmonary aspiration.

It's also possible to aspirate food that travels back up from your stomach to your esophagus.

If you inhaled food into your lungs then you might start choking and coughing until you get the food out of your lungs.

However if it's soft food then it will likely eventually just dissolve on it's own.

If you're breathing fine and talking then you're okay but if you're choking you need abdominal thrusts to get the food out.

And call 911 if possible and needed if you're choking and having trouble breathing.

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