Will we wear face masks in public forever?

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asked Oct 28, 2020 in Other- Health by Brianhelton (490 points)
Will we wear face masks in public forever?

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answered Oct 28, 2020 by amma567 (740 points)
We will not have to wear face masks forever.

Although it seems like as of now we will wear face masks in public forever that won't be the case.

Eventually the face mask mandates will be over within within a year or two or when the pandemic goes way.

There was a pandemic over 100 years ago which killed a lot of people and eventually everyone returned to normal.

So while this pandemic seems like it will never end it will eventually.

Even if it takes 3 to 4 years from now before the pandemic is finally over and we can stop wearing masks it will eventually happen.

3 to 4 years seems like a long way off from now but in reality it's a short time away.

Face masks may become pretty normal to wear in public when people are sick but we won't be wearing face masks by mandate forever.

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