How many pennies are in $25,000.00?

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asked Oct 29, 2020 in Other-Finance by Brianhelton (490 points)
How many pennies are in $25,000.00?

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answered Oct 29, 2020 by Salmorejo (38,440 points)
The amount of pennies that are in $25,000.00 is 2,500,000 pennies.

That would be two million and 500 thousand pennies that equal $25,000.00

The amount of pennies in $25,000.00 is a lot and you would need a dump truck to literally haul that amount of pennies.

I would hate to count all that out but with a coin counting machine it would be easier.

It takes 100 pennies to make $1.00

So to equal $20.00 it would take 20 of those 100 pennies.

The amount of pennies in $20.00 is 2,000 pennies.

2,000 pennies equals $20.00 because i takes 100 pennies to make 1 dollar and 1000 pennies equal $10.00

So if you have 2,000 pennies you would have $20.00

If you have 50 pennies you have half a dollar and if you have 75 pennies you have 75 cents which is equal to 3 quarters.

To get the answer all you have to do is take 100 pennies and times that by the amount of dollars to get your answer.

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