Did Danny DeVito care for Mara Wilson?

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Did Danny DeVito care for Mara Wilson?

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Danny DeVito did care for Mara Wilson who played Matilda.

During the filming of Matilda Mara Wilson's mother died of cancer and so Danny DeVito took care of Mara Wilson when she was a kid after her mom died.

Danny DeVito also cared for Mara Wilson when her mom was in the hospital before she died as well.

Danny DeVito is a really great loving person in real life who would not harm any kids.

He just acted that way in the movie and he's a great actor.

Danny DeVito is indeed the narrator of the movie Matilda.

Not only is Danny DeVito that one that narrated the Maltida Movie the actor Danny Devito also directed the Matilda Movie.

He played a terrible dad in the movie Matilda but in real life he's a kind man.

Danny DeVito is so short because of a bone condition he has.

Danny Devito has a disease known as Fairbank's disease which is also called multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED).

The height of Danny Devito is 4 feet, 10 inches tall and is because of that genetic bone growth disorder.

He is unable to grow any taller because of that bone disease.

Although Danny Devito has played a terrible father on Matilda Danny Devito is actually a kind hearted man and would make a great father in real life.

He's a wonderful actor.

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