Can you go to the dentist alone at 16?

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Can you go to the dentist alone at 16?

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If you're a minor and are not emancipated then you'll need your parents consent to see the dentist.

Your parents will usually need to be with you when you visit the dentists in the waiting room and sign paperwork along with you when you do visit the dentist.

At 16 you're still considered a minor by law and the dentist has to obey the law or they could get into trouble so you need a parent or guardian to be with you to visit the dentist at age 16 and until you're 18 years of age.

That is unless you get legally emancipated and then you could visit the dentist alone at age 16.

The same goes for a doctor you usually need a parents consent and parents need to be with you at least in the waiting room to visit the doctor.

Hippa does apply to minors just like it does apply to adults who visit the doctor.

However in some cases the doctor can legally tell your parents about some health issue if it's deemed in your best interest.

For example if you have a health problem that could be potentially life threatening then your doctor can and will usually tell your parents.

However if you're emancipated then they cannot tell your parents about anything.

There is doctor and patient confidentiality for minors.

Doctors do have a responsibility to protect your privacy and may not just tell anyone about your doctors visit except for your parents if you're not emancipated.

In some cases the doctor may have to tell your parents about some health issue if it's in your best interests.

However doctors do have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of minor patients, within certain limits.

In some jurisdictions, the law permits minors who are not emancipated to request and receive confidential services relating to contraception, or to pregnancy testing, prenatal care, and delivery services.

You can see a doctor without your parents consent or them knowing about it once you reach 15 years to 16 years old.

The age can vary from state to state and from doctor to doctor.

However once you get to 16 and 18 then most parents cannot require you to let them know about the doctors office visit.

To be able to take yourself to the doctor without your parents knowing about it you have to be at least 15 years old.

Once you reach age 15 you can set up your own doctors appointments and go to the doctor without your parents being present.

You can also see a doctor at any age without your parents being in the doctors office exam room with you as long as your parents set up the doctors appointment and approves of you being in the doctors exam room on your own.

My 7 year old son does not want me in the exam room with him at his pediatrician and so I let him in the doctors exam room by himself.

He does good and I trust the doctor and so I wait out in the waiting room for him.

Then the doctor just lets me know the results of his checkup and tells me if there's anything wrong.

Once you get to 17 and 18 year you can take care of your own doctors appointments and do not have to tell your parents about the exam results.
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