Does the color of your poop mean anything?

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Does the color of your poop mean anything?

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The color of normal poop is mostly brown or sometimes green.

Although most peoples poop is brown your poop can sometimes turn green, black or purple depending on what you eat.

If you eat blueberries then your poop may turn a blue color or may turn a black color which is normal and if you eat a lot of leafy green foods then your poop might turn a green color.

Sometimes a green color poop may indicate something is wrong and if you just suddenly started noticing a green color of poop then see a doctor just to be safe.

They can take a sample of your poop and analyze it for any potential issues.

If you have a yellow or green looking poop with fluid like in it then that indicates fat in your poop.

Some colors of poop are normal and others are indications of other health issues.

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