How do you eliminate dust mites?

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How do you eliminate dust mites?

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To eliminate dust mites in your home wash all bedding, sheets, blankets, curtains etc that could be dusty.

It's recommended to wash your curtains every few months to get rid of dirt and dust that can accumulate on the curtains.

All my curtains get washed at least once per month and they always get washed when spring comes around after having the heating on.

Having the heating on can kick up dust in the house and even though you may not be able to see the dust on the curtains the curtains can accumulate the dust.

Be sure to change your furnace filter and vacuum dust out of the furnace and blower motor.

Vacuum your house every few days and mop the floors every few days as well to clean up dust.

Use an air cleaner in your house that helps to suck up the dust and filter out the dust and put clean out into your house.

Air purifiers work great for getting rid of dust and dust mites and makes it easier for you to breathe.

You can also buy Dust Mite Repellers to put in your home to get rid of dust mites.
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When you want to eliminate dust mites you should vacuum every few days, wash curtains weekly, wash bedding at least weekly as well and use mop your floors and wash your walls down with a sponge as well to get rid of any dust in the house.

Clean your furnace filter as well often and vacuum inside the furnace blower areas as well and clean your furnace vents out as well.

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