Does shatavari increase estrogen?

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Does shatavari increase estrogen?

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Yes shatavari can increase estrogen in both men and women.

When taking shatavari it can help support woman through perimenopause as well as menopause because the shatavari contains phytoestrogens which are the precursor to estrogen.

Both men and women can benefit from taking shatavari.

When taking shatavari it has a host of health benefits.

Some of the benefits of taking shatavari are.

The shatavari can help soothe anger & irritability in the mind, act as a nervine sedative and tonic which calms the nervous system while also restoring it, it has adaptogenic properties which help the body and mind withstand stress, Shatavari also has the ability to assist in rebuilding and replenishing the immune system and tissues of the body and also increase shukra or semen production.

Other health benefits of Shatavari are it helps to treat kidney disease, helps heal ulcers, helps treat diarrhea, relieves coughs, acts as a diuretic, boosts your bodies immune system and also has anti inflammatory properties and has antioxidant properties.

Taking Shatavari may also reduce your risk of developing heart disease, dementia and even cancer.

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