Is Grantor the owner?

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Is Grantor the owner?

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Yes the Grantor is the owner of the property before the Grantor transfers ownership to the grantee.

In real estate when you buy property such as a house and the owner of the house or property then signs the deed over to you the new owner then the current owner before transfer of the deed would be the grantor.

The buyer of the property or home would be the grantee.

For example if I were to sell you a house and then I transferred the deed to the house to your name then I would be the grantor of the deed.

You the buyer would be the grantee.

I would be granting the ownership of the house or property to you.

Then after I transferred the deed to your name you would be the new owner which would then make you the grantor of the property.

So if you were to sell the property again you would be the grantor and the new buyer would be the grantee.

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