How much can you run on a 200 amp service?

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How much can you run on a 200 amp service?

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You can run up to 200 amps on the electrical service before it trips the breaker or blows the fuse.

However you will not want to use 200 amps of electricity at the same time and if you do then you likely will have a huge electricity bill as a result.

You could run around 2 central air conditioners at the same time as well as the other electricity stuff in your house on 200 amp service.

Most central air conditioners use around 60 amps of electricity and they use more during start up and then continue to use 50 to 60 amps when running.

A central air conditioner can raise your electricity bill to at least $300.00 per month or even more depending on how big of a central air conditioner you have and how long it runs.

Most people don't use 200 amps of electrical service even when they have 1 central air conditioner but if you have an all electric house and also use electricity for heating then you may need 200 amps of service.

A 200 AMP indoor load center or service panel ranges from $118.00 to $400.00 depending on how many circuit breakers can fit in the load center or service panel.

The larger size service panel the more it will cost.

Also you need to change out your incoming service entrance wire as well as your meter box and the electric utility company will have to run a new 200 amp service wire to your meter box.

So you'll need to change out your electric meter box, service entrance wire and your electric breaker box which is also known as an electrical load center.

Then if you have someone do the install it can cost $3,000.00 or more to upgrade your electrical service to 200 amp.

Not every house will need 200 amps service but adding 200 amp service to your home can also increase the resale value of your home.

For most people 200 amps is a lot of electricity.

Most homes use way less than 200 amps of electricity per day and not everything electrical is on all the time.

If you used 200 amps of electricity per day then your electric bill would probably be at least $500.00 or more per month.

If you have an electric heating system in your house then you could use a lot of electricity but most houses don't need 200 amps of electricity.

I have 125 AMP electrical service to my house and never have I tripped the 100 amp breaker that is inside of it.

I see no need to upgrade right now to 200 amps for my electrical service but some houses may need to.

Most new homes being built now have 200 amp electrical service installed even though the new house will never use that much.

Even with central air conditioning running you're likely never gonna even use the 200 amps of electricity but it can be possible.

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