What does it mean when someone barks at you?

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What does it mean when someone barks at you?

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When someone barks at you it could be either a compliment or it could be bullying as it saying you're a dog in a bad way.

Some men will bark at a woman as a way to say they are a nice looking and attractive woman.

However some bullies such as teenagers being bullies will bark at you whether you're a female or male and basically call you a dog.

A person or people barking at you can be an insult if it's coming from some teenagers or some young punks.

And then the barking could be a compliment if it's coming from some guy who is attracted to you.

It also depends on if you're a female or male but sometimes the barking is a compliment and sometimes the barking is an insult and bully tactic.

Most bullies who bark at someone or make animal noises at someone as an insult are immature and young and dumb.

I've had male 15 to 16 year olds bark at me as an insult but I just ignore it as you don't want to react to them as that is what they want.

The best way to deal with bullies is to ignore them with your head held high in confidence or throw an insult back at them.

If the bully calls you a name or insults you by barking or making animal noises say is that all you got?

And then laugh and walk away.

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