Why is it wrong for older kids to wear diapers?

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Why is it wrong for older kids to wear diapers?

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answered Oct 11, 2020 by Larry S (42,350 points)
There's nothing wrong with older kids wearing diapers.

Kids, teens, adults etc should all wear diapers if they need too and nobody should me made fun of for wearing diapers at any age.

Everyone wore diapers as a baby and toddler so there's nothing wrong with wearing diapers then and there's nothing wrong with an older kid or anyone wearing diapers after they are potty trained.

It's not wrong for teens to wear diapers.

Teens can wear diapers if they need too or want too and there's nothing wrong with wearing diapers.

Diapers are just another form of underwear that is absorbent and people should never make fun of people wearing diapers.

Everyone has worn diapers as a baby or toddler until they were potty trained and if babies and toddlers can wear diapers without getting made fun of then so should adults, older kids and teens.

Diapers are not just for babies or those who are not potty trained.

If you need diapers you should wear them.

It's considered okay for babies and toddlers to wear diapers because society just knows that the baby or toddler cannot get to the toilet.

However some adults are disabled and cannot make it to the toilet either or they may have incontinence and need to wear diapers.

Even though some people think it's not okay for adults or older kids to wear diaper it doesn't mean that it's not okay for them to wear diapers.

It is okay for babies, toddlers, young children, teens and even adults to wear diapers and nobody has to know or will know you're wearing a diaper anyway as long as you're wearing clothes over the diaper.

If I have to wear diapers as an adult I would do so as it's not that bad.

I wore the diapers until 4 years old and I can do so again if need be.

The reason there's a stigma for adults wearing diapers is because diapers are associated with babies.

People accept that babies and toddlers need to wear diapers and consider it normal and not shameful but as an adult we are expected by society to use the toilet and not need diapers.

However diapers are for all ages and if an adult needs to wear diapers for incontinence then they should wear the diaper.

Nobody will know you're wearing an adult diaper anyway if you need to or want to wear the diaper as long as you're wearing pants or shorts over the diaper.

Sweat Pants though tend to show the diaper bulge more.

I can see the diaper bulge in toddlers pants when they are wearing sweat pants so people would be able to tell you're wearing a diaper through sweat pants.

My own 3 year old boy who is still in diapers will wear sweat pants most days because it's easier to change his diaper that way.

I can easily tell he has the diaper on because it shows through his sweat pants in the back especially.

When he's wearing blue jeans I can hardly tell he has a diaper on even though I know it.
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answered Dec 30, 2020 by philrodg (1,060 points)
There is nothing wrong with an older child still wearing diapers. If he still needs them or still wants to wear them, then a diaper can be something very practical for an older child.

We have an older boy who still wears diapers, during the day and at night. For him, diapers and being changed are part of his daily routine and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. There is always protection under his pants or pajamas. So he can wet himself and everything stays dry. At night, for example, he would still wet the bed every night. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with him still wearing a diaper.

We also still have a changing table and blog about it: https://tobischangingtable.wordpress.com/

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