Should kids wear diapers for bed wetting?

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Should kids wear diapers for bed wetting?

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answered Oct 11, 2020 by Pamperslover (23,680 points)
Yes kids should wear diapers for bed wetting.

A diaper is a good thing to wear when wetting the bed and I wished I had been wearing diapers when I was wetting the bed as a kid.

I could only get my hands on some diapers once in awhile and my mom didn't like me wearing diapers after I was potty trained.

So I could not wear diapers all the time for bed wetting but I did wear diapers some nights when I had the diapers.

Wearing the diaper and waking up in a wet diaper instead of a wet bed and wet pants felt much better and I was cleaner.

Those pull up diapers are not as good for bed wetting but the diapers are.

For most kids who wet the bed they can wear size 7 diapers.

Dollar General stores right now sell a size 7 Gentle Steps brand diaper that fits 41 lbs and over and I can fit into them myself with a 32 inch waist pretty good.

They don't fit perfect but they do fit okay for a toddler diaper and they are cheap.

You can get a pack of Gentle Steps size 7 diapers from Dollar General for $4.95 with 20 diapers in them.

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