What is a female beau?

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What is a female beau?

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by layla (46,160 points)
The word beau means fashionable, beautiful, gorgeous, handsome or really likable or lovable.

A female beau is a female who is gorgeous, beautiful and very lovely.

So if a man refers to you as a female beau then the man is complimenting you and saying you're are very gorgeous, likable, lovely and beautiful.

A male beau is a handsome, lovely, good looking male and a female who says that to a male is also complimenting the male.

Being called a beau is a good thing.

The word beau is a very old word and saying and is just a nice way of saying someone is very lovely.

For example I could also say my sons are beaus which means they are lovely and handsome and beautiful.

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