I caught my 8 year old son wearing diapers?

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asked Oct 6, 2020 in Kids Health by Saltibarsciai (530 points)
I caught my 8 year old son wearing diapers?

This morning when I got my son up for school I pulled back the covers to get him up and noticed he was wearing a diaper?

He was wearing a size 7 Gentle Steps diaper as I found the package of diapers in his bedroom closet when I looked to see if he had some more.

Should I let my 8 year old son know I caught him wearing diapers or what should I do?

The diaper he was wearing was dry so he does not wet the bed.

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answered Oct 6, 2020 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Your 8 year old son is probably just a diaper lover.

Many people love wearing diapers and it can happen at any age and some kids start loving to wear diapers as early as age 5 years old.

I've loved wearing diapers ever since I was 5 years old and I wear the diapers all the time now as an adult.

I used to wear diapers on my own that I bought when I was 8 years old.

There's nothing wrong with your 8 year old son wearing diapers for fun as that is probably why he's wearing the diapers.

He would probably be embarrassed if you told him that you found him wearing diapers as he likely wants to keep it a secret.

I would just not tell him that you know unless you plan to buy him some more diapers.

If he's spending his own allowance on diapers then that's okay as well.

Personally I would rather not know my parents know about them.
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answered May 22, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
I would talk to your son and let him know that you're ok with him wearing diapers your the parent and you need to make sure no one has touched or hurt your son I know a lot of parents are against pull ups but I would encourage him to wear pull ups or goodnites because he is a big boy and pull ups and goodnites are for older kids. you may have to buy his diapers let him choose what he wants to wear don't be mad if he chooses diapers but let him know that if you diaper him the diaper tapes will be tighter than he can get them.let your son know it's easier to wear pull ups or goodnites because he can pull them up and down and he can diaper himself. He will like it better than his mom changing his diapers on a changing table in public restrooms when he is 7 years old looking like a 2 year old baby and he will feel embarrassed if his mom has to Cary around a diaper bag for onlookers to see he's 7 and still wearing diapers but if he still wants diapers let him wear them just let him know people will know he wears diapers because of his diaper bag being charged in public restrooms and when you go shopping for diapers because the diapers are sold in plastic bags and diaper boxes that will be noticed in the shopping cart and he's the only kid around. Trust me he will want pull ups or goodnites in no time

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