What percentage of motorcycle riders die?

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What percentage of motorcycle riders die?

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Around 15 to 25 percent of motorcycle riders die in motorcycle crashes.

Some of those motorcycle crashes result in the motorcycle rider being crashed into by another vehicle or the motorcycle ride crashing into another vehicle either as a result of their own fault or the other drivers fault.

Both motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers should always be aware of what is around them.

Some motorcycle riders die in at fault accidents and some of those motorcycle fatal wrecks could be prevented if the motorcycle rider were paying attention, were not drunk, not high on drugs or was not speeding.

Some motorcycle riders do speed and ride the motorcycle drunk.

The news makes it so that we think that cars and other drivers are at fault for all motorcycle wrecks but in reality some motorcycle riders are at fault themselves.

Not all motorcycle wrecks in in death but most do.

When riding a motorcycle you don't have the protection of the seat belt as well as the protection of the vehicle around you.

All motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet which can protect their head from brain damage and possible death.

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