Is hair texture inherited?

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Hair by Kaptainkanda (1,950 points)
Is hair texture inherited?

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answered Oct 5, 2020 by Carrie123 (10,710 points)
Yes your hair texture can be inherited.

Your hair texture is mostly decided by genetics and you may have the same hair texture as your mother or as your father.

Some people get their hair texture genetically from their grandma or even grandpa and sometimes other family.

Most times though you inherit things such as hair color, eye color, hair texture, your height, your voice etc from either your mother or father or sometimes both.

I have the same hair texture as my mom so I'm sure I got and inherited my hair texture from my mom.

My dad's hair texture is completely different although my younger brother has has our father's hair texture so he likely inherited his hair texture from his father.

Your hair texture can also change as you get older for some people.

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