Is it safe to use a barrel wood stove inside of a house?

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asked Oct 26, 2017 in Do it yourself by Rockpile232 (240 points)
Is it safe to use a barrel wood stove inside of a house?

I want to put a wood stove in my house but I can't afford to buy one. I already have a chimney installed that I guess someone else before me used a wood stove.

I saw that tractorsupply has a cheap barrel stove kit to make a home made wood stove out of a barrel. I have a good thick steel barrel that I can use but the barrel stove kit says to not use it for a residential heater.

Has anyone here used a barrel stove in there house?

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answered Oct 27, 2017 by y2k2 (1,030 points)
As long as you use a thick enough barrel and a good condition barrel and line the bottom with bricks then the wood stove barrel kit would be safe to use in your house.

My Grandpa used a barrel stove in his house for years before he died. Never had a problem with it.
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answered Nov 20, 2017 by chad (14,670 points)
They're safe as long as you don't burn the stove red hot.

I was using an old wood stove bought used for $50.00 and got 3 years of use out of it before the metal burned through.

The metal on that actual wood stove was actually thinner than the metal my barrel stove is made from so I feel very safe using my barrel wood stove in my home.

The barrel was given to me free and I bought the wood stove kit on sale at tractorsupply for $47.00 so I had me a wood stove for less than I paid used for the other wood stove.

Just be sure to never burn the stove red cherry hot and keep an eye on the barrel for any signs of burn through and replace the barrel if you suspect anything wrong with it.

I see now that Orshcheln farm and home has barrels for sale for $40.00 and the stove kits for $55.00

So for probably $100.00 with tax you could have you a good wood stove.

I have my barrel wood stove going just fine right now and this is the second heating season for it and it's still in great condition.

But if need be I'd build another cheap stove like this. It may not be pretty but all I care about is if it's safe and my house is warm.

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