Is coconut oil or Vaseline better for eyelashes?

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asked Sep 30, 2020 in Other-Style & Beauty by jker64see (340 points)
Is coconut oil or Vaseline better for eyelashes?

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answered Oct 3, 2020 by liana (37,450 points)
Both Coconut Oil and Vaseline are great for eyelashes but when it comes to which is better than the other the Coconut Oil is much better for eyelashes.

Coconut oil is much more moisturizing for your eyelashes but you get even better results when using both coconut oil and Vaseline for your eyelashes.

I would use coconut oil on the eyelashes first and then apply some Vaseline afterwards as the Vaseline can help seal in moisture.

Castor oil is also great for eyelash growth as the castor oil helps stimulate circulation as well as promote the eyelash growth.

I use coconut oil along with Vaseline and sometimes Castor oil on my eyelashes and it helps my eyelashes grow thicker and faster.

Trimming your eyelashes can also make your eyelashes grow back thicker and faster as well.
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answered Jan 4 by Hariz5 (910 points)

Using coconut oil before applying Stacylash eyelash glue is a great idea as it adds moisture to your lashes, enhancing the adhesive's effectiveness. Additionally, incorporating a thin layer of Vaseline after the glue application can help lock in that moisture, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable hold for your lashes. So, my suggestion is to prep your lashes with coconut oil, apply Stacylash glue, and finish off with a touch of Vaseline for that extra care and staying power.

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