Why are the elderly ashamed of wearing diapers?

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Why are the elderly ashamed of wearing diapers?

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The reason that most elderly people are ashamed of wearing diapers is because the diapers make the elderly feel like a baby.

Diapers are most commonly worn by babies, toddlers and those who are not potty trained and need cared for.

Elderly people usually hate having to be cared for and having to wear diapers because of that.

Adult diapers are called briefs instead of diapers to reduce that stigma.

However adult diapers are really just diapers like babies and toddlers wear but they are made in a larger size to fit adults.

There's nothing at all wrong with any adult or anyone of any age wearing diapers.

Diapers do not have an age limit to them and if you need to wear a diaper to prevent wet pants then you should.

I would have no problem wearing adult diapers if I needed too.

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