Are adult diapers a good solution to urinary incontinence?

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Are adult diapers a good solution to urinary incontinence?

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Yes adult diapers are a good solution for urinary incontinence.

Adult diapers for incontinence are great because the adult diapers help keep your pants dry when you have urinary incontinence.

It would be much better to pee into an adult diaper and have a wet diaper than to have wet pants that will show.

Most people are not even aware of adults wearing diapers because they cannot see it or know that you're wearing adult diapers.

I've worn adult diapers in public under my pants just in case I cannot find a toilet and have used the diaper for pee and they have saved me as well when I had a stomach cramp and had diarrhea and could not make it to a toilet.

The diaper will contain the poop and pee instead of it running down your legs and your pants won't have a poop stain on them either.

There are medications, surgeries etc for urinary incontinence and even Kegal exercises can help with urinary incontinence but adult diapers are good for the urinary incontinence as well.

Even if a kid or teen or young child is urinary incontinent they should wear diapers as well.

Diapers are also great for bed wetting.

The reason that most elderly people are ashamed of wearing diapers is because the diapers make the elderly feel like a baby.

Diapers are most commonly worn by babies, toddlers and those who are not potty trained and need cared for.

Elderly people usually hate having to be cared for and having to wear diapers because of that.

Adult diapers are called briefs instead of diapers to reduce that stigma.

However adult diapers are really just diapers like babies and toddlers wear but they are made in a larger size to fit adults.

There's nothing at all wrong with any adult or anyone of any age wearing diapers.

Diapers do not have an age limit to them and if you need to wear a diaper to prevent wet pants then you should.

I would have no problem wearing adult diapers if I needed too.

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