Are diapers a good option for bed wetting?

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Are diapers a good option for bed wetting?

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Diapers are a good option for a child or anyone wetting the bed.

Wetting the bed is awful and waking up in a wet cold bed and wet clothes or wet Pajamas is an awful feeling and wearing a diaper is much better for the kid or anyone wetting the bed.

The diaper will keep the bed dry and the clothes dry and it's much more sanitary to wear a diaper and then throw the diaper away then have a wet bed and wet clothes.

I have a 7 year old boy who wets the bed and I finally convinced him after a few months of wetting the bed to wear a diaper.

I have to help him put the diaper on because he doesn't get it on right but we don't make it a big deal.

He wears Gentle Steps size 7 diapers for bed wetting which are very absorbent and are mostly plain white with no babyish designs except for a little tiger on the landing Velcro strip.

But since he's wearing clothes anyway over the diaper nobody sees it anyway.

He's gotten used to wearing the diapers for bed wetting and now is glad he does wear the diapers instead of waking up in a wet bed.

He only has a 2 year old brother who also wears diapers full time so there's no making fun of him for it and hopefully he'll outgrow the bed wetting before his brother gets old enough to know about it.

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