Do Huskies bite their owners?

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Do Huskies bite their owners?

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Huskies can bite their owners and have bitten their owners before.

But a Husky biting or attacking their owner is rare and it usually only happens if the Husky has been mistreated.

Most Huskies are very friendly dogs and very affectionate and loving dogs but just like all dogs they can be bad ones as well.

As long as you treat your Husky dog or any other dog with love and respect they will show you love and respect back.

Yes Huskies dogs are Loyal dogs and are very friendly.

Most Husky dogs are very friendly good family dogs that are loyal to the owners and are very affectionate as well.

As long as you treat the Husky dog with love and treat them right then the Husky dog will show you love and affection back.

A lot of Husky dogs also love to Jump on you and give you kisses in the form of licks to your face which can be good when you want the dog to do so.

However just make sure to train the Husky dog to not always do that to everyone it sees as some people may not like it.

My friend has a Husky dog and the Husky loves to run towards people it loves including me and knock me down and give me kisses and also likes to wrestle in a friendly manner.

I don't mind it and love playing with him that way but some people may not like it.

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