Is it illegal not to clear snow from car?

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asked Sep 15, 2020 in Other-Cars/Transportation by Reclusewander (430 points)
Is it illegal not to clear snow from car?

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answered Sep 15, 2020 by MrMoonPie (10,690 points)
In most places it is illegal to not clear snow off your car.

The reason it can be illegal in some places to not clear snow off your car is the snow can blow off your car and land on other peoples windshields and make it difficult for other people to see where they are driving which can cause the vehicle to crash.

When you have snow on your vehicle you need to remove all the snow from the top of the vehicle, sides of the vehicle and the hood, trunk, back window and front windshield.

You can be ticketed if a cop sees you driving your vehicle with with snow on it.

But it depends on your local laws as some places do not have any laws against the clearing of snow on your vehicle as long as your vehicle is cleared of snow at least on the hood, windshield and back window.

But I would clear the snow from the car anyway while waiting for the car to warm up.

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