Are tankless gas water heaters worth it?

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Are tankless gas water heaters worth it?

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Gas tankless water heaters are worth it.

I installed a tankless gas water heater in place of my old gas tank type water heater and I love the tankless water heater.

With the tank type gas water heater it would run out of hot water during showers and other use of the hot water and we had to wait at least an hour before another person could take a shower.

With the tankless gas water heater we get instant hot water water on demand and never run out of hot water.

Tankless gas water heaters do cost a bit more than the tank type water heaters but they also are much better and save money in gas bills in the long run.

With a tank type water heater the gas is always heating the water up and heating water that is not being used.

But with a tankless gas water heater the water is only heated when you are using it.

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