Is the NoseFrida safe?

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Is the NoseFrida safe?

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The NoseFrida is safe to use on both babies and adults as well as kids, teens etc.

I have a NoseFrida for myself and have used a baby NoseFrida on my kids when they were babies and it never harmed them or myself.

Just don't suction too hard with a baby and you'll be okay.

Use the baby NoseFrida for babies to avoid causing too much suction and the adult NoseFrida is okay for adults.

It's safe to use the NoseFrida up to 4 times per day on both babies and adults.

If you use the NoseFrida more than 4 times per day then you might cause damage to your nose and possible nose bleeds.

But when used correctly the NoseFrida is very safe to use.

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