Do cloth diapers really save money?

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Do cloth diapers really save money?

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Cloth diapers do save money but they really are not worth the trouble.

In the old days before disposable diapers the cloth diapers were all that people had to use to diaper their kids and babies with.

So they had to work to clean the cloth diapers, wash them and then dry them.

Cleaning cloth diapers requires a lot of work and being a parent is already enough work as it is and when you're changing diapers all you really want to do is not deal with the diapers anymore for awhile.

The last thing I would want to do is clean cloth diapers after changing diapers and wiping my kids butt.

I tried cloth diapers for a month and decided that while I did not have to spend extra money on diapers each month that it was too much work.

I could diaper my babies and kids for around $50.00 per month in disposable diapers.

I made $200.00 per day at my job and found that it was not worth the savings to have to clean cloth diapers.

Also cloth diapers really are not that sanitary as the cloth diapers keep your child's skin wet when they pee even a little.

With disposable diapers the SAP in the diapers absorb the pee and keep the babies skin dry.

Disposable diapers are not all that expensive to buy each month especially if you can buy Luvs diapers.

You can get a box of Luvs size 6 diapers for $25.00 with 104 diapers in the box.

And for 2 boxes it equals out to $50.00 for 208 diapers which is usually more than enough for a month supply for a 2 year old or 3 year old child.

The smaller Luvs diapers come in larger quantities for the cheap price as well.

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