Are insulating window films worth it?

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asked Sep 11, 2020 in Maintenance/Repairs by fraddy (5,720 points)
Are insulating window films worth it?
Looking for some options here in UK

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Insulating window films are worth it.

The insulating window films will help keep the heat in the house during the winter and block cold air from cold drafts coming in.

Installing insulating window films on your windows can help reduce your heating bills in the winter.

Also in the winter you can install some blankets over the existing curtains which helps insulate the windows as well.

Or buy some insulating curtains that you can install during the winter months too which also helps keep the heat in and your house warmer.
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answered Sep 12, 2020 by poliq (5,960 points)

Absolutely yes. I have all my windows filmed and happy about that. But the thing is that you should take into account the materials and the process of installation in order to get the best effect. I recommend to order any window film from some reliable online store like This is a team of experts with a huge experience and a wide range of materials. Simply give them a call.

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