Why is digital marketing so important?

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Digital Marketing is so important because if you are running a website or selling products or services online you need to reach your customers.

Without digital marketing it can be hard to reach your customers and make money.

You may still be able to get customers without digital marketing but it will be much slower.

For example if you start up an online store to sell products then you could put the store online and wait for years for customers to come in through searching Google and other search engines.

Such as by writing a blog about products and reviews on your online store then that could bring in search traffic.

But SEO and website traffic for a new website can take awhile.

It can take a year and sometimes 2 years to rank a blog post in Google Search for a new website.

So that would be a slow game.

You want to advertise through Youtube, Google and other places to reach your customers and start making money sooner.

It takes money to make money.

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