How do you calm a crying baby in 5 seconds?

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How do you calm a crying baby in 5 seconds?

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Not all babies will calm down in only 5 seconds but they might however it depends on what is making the baby cry.

First if the baby is crying make sure they are not hungry, have a wet or dirty diaper are experiencing stomach pain etc.

If they are just crying and need calmed down then you can usually calm the crying baby in 5 seconds or so by  gently holding your babies bottom with your dominant hand and then while holding the baby gently position your baby at a 45 degree angle and rock him or her back and forth.

Sometimes a simple rocking motion will calm down most babies.

Sometimes placing the baby in a car seat or rocker and placing the car seat or rocker on the dryer and turning it on can relax the baby.

Or even simply sitting on the dryer myself and holding my babies have calmed them down.

Sometimes a car ride calms them down as well which I had to do for my kids sometimes when they had trouble sleeping as babies.

I would put them in the car seat and go for a ride around town at night and then they would fall asleep in their car seat.

Then I would bring them back home, remove them from their car seat which they remained asleep and then put them in their crib for the night.

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