Can a baby get SIDS from sleeping on my chest?

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Can a baby get SIDS from sleeping on my chest?

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A baby sleeping on your chest during the day time when the baby is supervised is unlikely to get SIDS or die from SIDS simply from sleeping on your chest.

Most of the babies who have died from SIDS when sleeping on a parents chest have happened because both the baby and the parent was asleep and the baby was unsupervised.

I've had my own babies sleeping on my chest while I was awake and supervising them and they have not died and are perfectly healthy.

The risk of SIDS from a baby sleeping on parents chest increases when the parent is asleep along with the baby and the baby could potentially suffocate on your chest.

But as long as you make sure the baby is breathing and not suffocating there should be no issue with the baby developing or dying from SIDS.

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