Is diarrhea a symptom of the coronavirus disease?

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Is diarrhea a symptom of the coronavirus disease?

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answered Sep 8, 2020 by SandSam (7,630 points)
Yes diarrhea is a symptom of the coronavirus disease in some people.

Although the Coronavirus disease is a serious thing for most people and has been and can be deadly the Coronavirus disease is not always deadly or fatal to everyone who gets it.

I tested positive about 2 weeks ago for the Coronavirus disease and yes I did experience diarrhea for a few days and now the diarrhea has gotten less severe.

I do sometimes have diarrhea and also feel like I may vomit and feel like I need to poop but then I go to the toilet and then cannot poop.

However I have pooped my pants when I got away from the toilet and had no time to make it to the toilet.

So I am wearing adult diapers just in case and yes I have had to use it because yesterday I crapped my pants severely.

I tried to make it to the toilet but didn't make it so wearing a diaper was a good idea.

I'm now recovering from the Coronavirus disease and still have stomach cramps, can move around some and I do have some of my appetite back.

Some other symptoms of the Coronavirus disease are fever, chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, headaches, muscle aches, confusion etc.

If you do have really difficulty breathing get medical attention.

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